Frequently asked questions

We've tried to come up with answers to the sorts of question that we are commonly asked about SentenceBuilders. If you can't find an answer to your specific question below, please feel free to contact us via the contact form, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

General / accounts

If you are an individual teacher wishing to subscribe, or you are wishing to subscribe on behalf of a school, you need to go to the pricing page and fill in the subscription form.

If you are a teacher who belongs to a school that has already subscribed, your school admin can set up an account for you by inviting you to join their subscription. They can do this via the school admin page (which is only available to subscription admins).

If you are a student wondering how to gain access to the site, you need to ask your teacher for your log-in details.

Teachers can set up user accounts for their students via their classes. Once you have created a class, go to the Edit tab, click on the button to "Create / Add Students", and follow the instructions to set up student accounts.

Note that student accounts are NOT email-based. Rather, a username and password PIN is generated for each student as part of the above process.

Once you have created student accounts, your students will be able to log in using the log-in credentials (which you can access via the "View / Edit student list" button in the Edit tab of your class).

Teachers can manage their students via the Edit tab of each class and perform actions such as resetting passwords, removing students etc.

Subscription admins can do all of the above (including creating classes) via the school admin page.

Teachers can set up user accounts for their students via their classes. Once you have created a class, go to the Edit tab, click on the button to "Create / Add Students", and follow the instructions to set up student accounts.

If your student already has a user account (e.g. if they are already in another class and have been set up by another teacher), as long as you type in their names correctly, you should be notified that they already have an account in the step above, and you will have the option to add the existing student to your class.

If your student already has a user account, you also have the option to let them join via the class code and password, also in the Edit tab of your class.

If you are the admin for a subscription account, you will be able to add teachers to your subscription (up to the limit as defined by your subscription) via the school admin page. The school admin page is accessible via the profile / log-in menu options for subscription admins only.

Teacher accounts are email-based. Once you have added teachers' emails to your teacher list on the school admin page, an email will be sent to the teachers in the list inviting them to join your subscription. They then need to follow the link in the invitation email to complete the set-up process.

If you subscribed using a finance email address, and presuming you don't wish the finance email to be included in the teachers count, you'll need to do the following:

  • First, follow the link in the account set-up email to complete your registration, however temporarily. This is necessary so that you can perform the next steps.
  • Once you are registered and logged in, you'll then be able to add teachers via the school admin page, accessed via the "School admin" link in the user / log-in menu cluster at the top right of the page. Adding teacher emails sends an invitation email to the addresses provided.
  • Once another teacher (the HoD?) has accepted the invitation and is confirmed as a teacher for your school, you may then transfer the school admin role to this teacher. (Once they have the admin role, they'll be able to remove you from the subscription.)

All subscriptions have a student limit, which is determined by you when you set up your subscription.

As a teacher, you can manage student numbers via your classes, by adding and removing students. Students which no longer belong to a class are no longer counted as part of your limit.

Subscription admins can also do this for all classes and can delete student accounts completely. Again, students which no longer belong to a class are no longer counted as part of your limit.


SentenceBuilders launched in Spring 2021 with SB Premium resources available based on content from the French and Spanish SentenceBuilders books for Beginner to Pre-intermediate by the Language Gym team.

The SentenceBuilders for the German and Italian Beginner to Pre-intermediate books are now uploaded and ready to use, and content based on the French and Spanish Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate books will be added to SentenceBuilders as it becomes available.

We will also be adding content for other languages based on the Language Gym books, as well as plenty of more general MFL resources, in the not-too-distant future.

Yes, you can now create your own full-blow / complex SentenceBuilder resources, which generate the same range of activities for Vocab Chunks and SB Sentences as those found in the SB Premium section of the site.

For more info, see this in-depth user-guide on the SentenceBuilders blog: Creating [complex] interactive SentenceBuilder "machines" that work...launch

If other members of the SentenceBuilders community create resources which they save as "Public" resources, you will be able to browse and search these resources in the "Community resources" section of the resource search.

Resources saved as "Unlisted" can be accessed by you if you happen to know the URL for the resource, but they won't show up in the "Community resources" browse / search results. Unlisted (or "school only") resources are also available via the "My school resources" search to teachers who are part of the same subscription, and via the "My teachers' resources" search option for students of the resource owner.

Resources saved as "Private" can only be accessed by the person who created them, although they can be used as the basis for assignments and competitions.

Teachers can make copies of resources that have been created by other members of their subscription, as long as these have been saved as "Unlisted (school only)" rather than "Private".

Yes. If you save a resource as "Private", this means that only you can access the resource page for that resource, although you will still be able to set assignments and competitions based on that resource in your classes.

If you want to make a resource available to your students and to other teachers who are part of your subscription, you can save it as "Unlisted (school only)".

Students only see 2 resource options when they browse the SentenceBuilders resources:

  • SB Premium resources
  • My teachers' resources

If you save your resources as "Public" or "Unlisted", they will be visible to your students when they browse the "My teachers' resources" section. If you don't want your students to be able to access your resources in this way, please save them as "Private".

If you save a resource as "Unlisted (school only)", other teachers who are part of your subscription will be able to access it via the "My school resources" search category, but it will not be listed in "Community resources" search results.

(Students who are in your classes will also be able to access it via the "My teachers' resources" search category.)

The languages currently available for text-to-speech on SentenceBuilders are as follows:

Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English (UK), English (US), English (Aus), Finnish, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Br), Russian, Spanish, Spanish (Lat.Am.), Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Welsh

Some of these are of better quality than others. The TTS voices are provided by ResponsiveVoice, which uses Google's voices, and which, where possible, attempts to play speech using TTS engines integrated into the browser on your device.

If you wish to create resources for languages other than those listed above, you can still do so. Your resource will still have a wide range of interactive activity options, but all of those requiring interactions via TTS will be disabled.

No. If you prefer not to use the TTS voice for your language, simply leave the TTS option empty. You will still be able to create a resource with a full range of activities, but obviously, all of the activities and interactions based on TTS audio will no longer be available for your resource.

Similarly, if you wish to create a resource for a language for which TTS is not provided on SentenceBuilders, you can do so by simply leaving the TTS language option empty (and by choosing "Other" as the resource language).