Interactive SentenceBuilders

  • Clickable interactive SentenceBuilders with multiple integrated teacher tools
  • Generate random sentences for interaction with the SB table
  • Click to build sentences from the SB table & hear SB content spoken via TTS
  • Ideal for front-of-class, but also for student self-learning

Multiple interactive activities

  • Over 100 activities per SB resource
  • Activities based on vocab chunks, SB sentences and paragraphs
  • Fill in the blanks, missing letters, jumbled words, translations and dictations with multiple text transformations
  • Multiple pre-defined activity circuits per resource, each with a specific skills focus (also available as class assignments)

SB Premium resources

  • Powered by content from the best-selling SentenceBuilder books from The Language Gym
  • SB Premium resources contain activities based on vocab chunks, SB sentences and paragraphs
  • Initial content to cover the TLG beginner to pre-intermediate books for French and Spanish
  • More TLG languages and levels to be added in the coming months

User-generated content

  • Powered by the content-generation know-how of the people behind Textivate and TeachVid
  • Create your own printable, interactive SentenceBuilder resources in any language, or take advantage of the "community resources" shared by other SentenceBuilders users
  • Many languages have support for text-to-speech (TTS), making listening / dictation activities possible based on your own content

Assignments / Homework

Set self-marking homework or class assignments using one of the pre-defined activity circuits, or build your own assignment by selecting from the many activities available for each resource

Performance tracking

Get in-depth step-by-step feedback regarding student performance for all assignments, as well as keeping track of all of their general resource access in terms of time taken and total points per resource


Set up class competitions based on any resource, where students compete against one another for a place on the leaderboard, and where you as the teacher decide on the skills focus from a range of available options

Sound pedagogical principles

Let your students get to work, safe in the knowledge that our interactive activities are based on sound pedagogical principles and are designed to promote thorough processing and ease the transition from input to output
SentenceBuilder Premium resources powered by content from the best-selling SentenceBuilders books from
Content from the French and Spanish SentenceBuilders books for Beginner to Pre-intermediate is already uploaded and ready to use, with more TLG languages and levels, as well as plenty of more general MFL resources, coming to the SentenceBuilders site in the not-too-distant future.SB Premium resources are primarily based on content from the best-selling SentenceBuilder books from the Language Gym, authored by Gianfranco Conti, Dylan Viñales, Ronan Jezequel, Thomas Weidner, Sonja Fedrizzi, Martin Ringenaldus, Simona Gravina, Aurélie Lethuiler, Barri Mock, Mathias Maurer, Glenn Wall, Carys Swain, Heledd Nest, Chris Webster and Maggie Sproule, and edited by Julien Barrett, Lou Smith, Verónica Palacín, Jaume Llorens, Isabelle Porter, Stefano Pianigiani, Tingting Yin and Mengru Xie.
Full content – SentenceBuilders and paragraphs – is available based on the French and Spanish SentenceBuilders books for Primary, Beginner to Pre-intermediate, Lower-intermediate and Intermediate (GCSE), as are the SentenceBuilders for all 4 levels of German. For Italian, Welsh and Chinese the SentenceBuilders are available based on the Beginner to Pre-intermediate book. And we've also added a version of the German Beginner to Pre-intermediate SentenceBuilders for Dutch speakers. We will continue to add more TLG languages and levels – as well as plenty of more general MFL resources – to the site in due course.
Interactive activities and authoring tools brought to you by the creators of...
Over 100 interactive activities for each SentenceBuilders resource. Word gap-fills, chunk gap-fills, missing letters, sentence scrambles, translations to and from the L2, dictations powered by TTS. Activities based on vocab chunks and sentences generated by each SentenceBuilder. Plus most SB Premium resources include paragraph level comprehension and text reconstruction activities too.
Use our authoring tools to create your own printable, interactive SentenceBuilders based on your own content. Each SentenceBuilder generates 100s or even 1000s of sentences, which form the basis of the content for all of the interactive activities. Use the SentenceBuilder teacher tools for presentation and front-of-class interaction.
Create TTS-enabled SB resources in these languages:
(Or create resources without TTS in any language)
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